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While some disruptions to your daily routine may prove an inconvenience, others become events that may change the course of your life, financial health, and psychological and physical well-being. If you’re ever involved in a motor vehicle accident, offshore accident, or 18-wheeler accident in Alexandria, reach out to the legal professionals of Creed & Creed. We concentrate on areas of practice in personal injury law, and we hope to bring you a sense of assurance and dependents when you need it most.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

No matter how careful of a driver you are, you never know when another driver’s negligence may cause you and yours great harm. During the aftermath of an accident, no matter how minor the accident may be, the adrenaline coursing through your body may mask serious injuries. By not seeking immediate treatment from a medical professional in Alexandria or knowing how to navigate insurance claims, you may unintentionally give up your legal rights to damages and compensation.

Rather than deal with insurance companies, who often do everything they can to limit your recovery work with an experienced attorney and legal team to understand and protect your legal rights. Your focus should be on recovering, not worrying about medical bills, and dealing with an unresponsive at-fault party or an Insurance adjustor whose goal is to pay you as little as possible.

18-Wheeler Accidents

Few things are scarier than getting into an accident with a massive 18-wheeler. Big truck accident victims often go up against powerful trucking companies backed by a team of legal experts, who work to limit the recovery of 18-wheeler accident injury victims.

Christian Creed is a licensed Louisiana accident investigator and former insurance adjuster. He helps those who have experienced harm at the hands of a truck driver, negligent trucking company, or an inattentive driver. Even with undeniable evidence of wrongdoing on the other party’s part, you and other truck accident victims should leave everything to a seasoned attorney. That way, you have a better chance of getting the full and fair settlement to which the law entitles you.

Personal Injury

From auto and maritime accidents to railroad and recreational boating accidents, a personal injury happens in a blink of an eye. Still, it lingers in piles of medical bills, days of missed work, and hours of waiting on the phone to speak with an insurance agent. When you become unintentionally injured because of another’s negligence, do not waste your time communicating (or trying to communicate) with insurance companies. While you may receive a check for your treatment costs, lost wages, and damaged property, without the right help, you may lose out on much more than you receive.

The legal team of Creed & experts, dedicate themselves to helping clients build a strong case backed by extensive experience, a relentless pursuit of justice, and a sense of compassion. Let us determine or identify the responsible parties, which may not end with the negligent driver, and restore your sense of peace.

Wrongful Death

Personal injuries come with their own share of hardship and confusion, but experiencing the loss of a loved one during such a time adds an insurmountable complexity to the equation. Those dealing with a wrongful death need someone on their side to help them navigate the legal, emotional and financial jungle that awaits. Creed & Creed has the experience, compassion, and understanding to handle wrongful death cases. 

We go to every length to recover as many costs resulting from a loved one's wrongful death, including medical treatment, the loss of future income, funeral expenses linked to the deceased’s burial, loss of consortium, and the value of losing the decedent’s benefits.

Offshore Accidents

You may find great enjoyment and pride in your job working on the river or offshore, but there’s no denying that you work in a dangerous field. A negligent act or unfortunate accident may cost you several days, weeks, or even months of missed work or a loss of earning capacity if you suffer a major accident. Even if your employer has worker’s compensation insurance, you must consider maritime laws with offshore mishaps.

The team at Creed & Creed has a considerable legal background handling accidents occurring on jack-up rigs, maritime vessels, offshore drilling rigs, and brown water accidents. Let ours be the first number you call if you or a loved one suffers harm on the river or offshore.

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