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Monroe Nursing Home Negligence Attorney 

Negligence is the last thing your family or loved ones want to experience in a nursing home. In 2020 alone, about 15,000 cases of abuse were reported in nursing homes in the United States. This can be a common issue; understanding the signs of abuse can help you prepare for the possibility of a nursing home neglecting a loved one.

If that happens to a family member, hire a Monroe nursing home negligence attorney from Creed & Creed to help. Our award-winning team of local attorneys serves the Delta region in Louisiana and will help them get the justice they deserve.

What is Nursing Home Negligence?

Nursing homes' negligence occurs when caregivers offer subpar quality services or neglect their duties - subjecting the senior citizens under their care to suffering, infections, dehydration, malnutrition, injuries, or death. Common examples of neglect within a nursing home setting include:

  • Denying residents' basic needs
  • Unsanitary living conditions
  • Denying residents a chance to socialize
  • Not changing a resident's clothes and bedding
  • Not letting residents eat and drink
  • Not providing medical attention to ailing residents
  • Physical assault

What to Do if You Suspect Nursing Home Negligence

Calling 911 should be the first step if a victim needs immediate medical attention. Police officers will escort the victim to a hospital where they will get proper care and launch an investigation. If the neglected person is not in immediate danger, use the following tips to handle the situation: 

Assess the Complainant for Signs of Negligence or Abuse

Check for physical harm, unkempt appearance, emotional distress, and unexplained injuries. In addition, you can gather their past medical records, record the neglected loved one's complaints, and take photos of wounds, bruises, and other signs of abuse.

Contact a Monroe Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer

Our local legal attorneys have over 25 years of professional experience in Louisiana's legal sphere. We will help you collect the evidence required to hold the nursing home involved liable. Beyond collecting evidence, we will file a lawsuit on behalf of the neglected senior citizen and help them push for fair compensation. Seeking justice for neglected people in Louisiana is an important part of our community involvement initiative. 

The Reasons Nursing Home Negligence Occurs

Often, nursing home negligence is a result of understaffing. Less-reputable nursing homes employ fewer caregivers who don’t have the resources to give their residents the appropriate care and attention. Besides understaffing, nursing home negligence throughout Louisiana can be a result of other issues like:

Inadequate Training

Caregiver training plays a pivotal role in minimizing negligence. Some nursing homes require only minimal training, which is why some caregivers unknowingly slip into patterns of neglect, affecting their resident's hygiene, medication, mental wellness, and nutrition. 

Bad Hiring Practices

Before hiring, nursing homes need to conduct a comprehensive background check to hire people with passion while avoiding those with a likelihood of neglecting responsibilities. Facilities that cut corners or don’t do their due diligence often end up with employees who neglect or abuse residents under their care.

Contact Creed & Creed, Your Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer

Neglected parties deserve fair compensation for suffering and other losses. With solid evidence proving that the nursing home was negligent, they can find justice for themselves and their loved ones.

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