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According to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, over 1,000 offshore injuries have been reported since 2015. Many of these injuries cause victims to miss work, and others inflict even more devastating effects like permanent disability. Regardless of the outcome, an injury that happens offshore can completely derail your life, and it can be difficult to know how to proceed after you've experienced this. Creed & Creed Law serves clients seeking legal assistance after an injury or other offshore accident.


Offshore accidents are more common than you might think — but you already know that if you've been a victim. Longshoremen, dock workers, and roughnecks are just a few of the workers at risk of being injured while offshore. Because of the location of the incident, it might be difficult to immediately seek medical attention, report it to authorities, and get the help you need to recover.

That’s why you need a lawyer who specializes in maritime law. Maritime law covers legal issues stemming from accidents that take place in nautical environments, including offshore workplaces. Whether you were at work or not, though, any injury which takes place at sea necessitates assistance from an attorney who's well-versed in maritime protocol. Creed & Creed Law has extensive experience helping clients like yourself who have been injured offshore.

Unfortunately, it is true that many of these injuries happen as a result of negligence on the part of another party. Whether your employer, colleague, or acquaintance is to blame for the accident, it is important that you don't pay the price for somebody else's mistake. A maritime lawyer can help you achieve justice after an injury and ensure that you aren't left with a lower quality of life simply because somebody else was not careful.


Achieving justice in maritime injury cases often means obtaining compensation. This isn’t about making a profit — it's about empowering you to recoup your costs after dealing with the trauma, expenses, and impact of an injury. Your suffering should be compensated, and Creed & Creed Law is devoted to helping you get what is yours. When you can't fight for yourself, we will.

What kind of expenses necessitate compensation after an injury? For many offshore injury victims, their accident forces them to miss an extended period of time from work. Without income and with bills piling up, this can quickly become a financially devastating situation. Unpaid bills accumulate late fees, and your situation may continue to worsen until you are able to recoup the compensation you are entitled to legally.

Time away from work isn't the only expense caused by an injury, though. Depending on the severity of the accident, you could face medical bills that quickly jump to tens of thousands of dollars, and you can't always count on insurance or workers' comp to automatically cover the costs. Nothing is more unjust than being stuck with the bill for an injury that was not your fault. Fight for the compensation you deserve to get the medical care you need after an offshore injury.


If you were injured while working offshore, your injury should be covered by your employer's workers' compensation insurance. Unfortunately, though, claims like these are not always honored, and the injury victim can be left to deal with the consequences. For this reason, it's essential to handle your injury carefully.

Part of your responsibility includes reporting your injury to the appropriate authorities. There are several key steps you must take as soon as possible after your injury, including the following:

  • Report the details of your injury to your employer
  • Document the date and time you make your report
  • If the injury was the result of a crime, report the crime
  • Reach out to Creed & Creed Law for legal counsel

In addition to these essential actions, there are several actions you should never do after an injury:

  • Avoid any activity which may worsen the injury
  • Withhold information about the injury from the employer
  • Wait to report the injury or obtain legal representation

Following these do's and don'ts is essential if you want to pursue the compensation you are entitled to and recoup the costs associated with your injury.


Offshore injuries happen every day. If you’ve become a victim of such an accident, obtaining legal counsel is essential to protecting yourself and ensuring you don't end up paying for somebody else's mistake. This is especially true if your injury resulted from gross negligence on the part of an employer or colleague. Creed & Creed Law specializes in assisting people like you who have been hurt while offshore, and we can help you pursue compensation to cover the expenses of your injury. We take pride in serving the Monroe, Shreveport, Alexandria, and New Orleans communities. Call us at (318) 387-5800 for a free and immediate consultation.