Legal Practice Areas of Creed & Creed Law in Monroe, LA

Creed & Creed Law provides Personal Injury legal services in Monroe, LA, & Surrounding Areas. Reach out to us today for more info or a free consultation.

Personal Injury Legal Representation when and where you need it

If you have suffered from a personal injury accident, you need a knowledgeable, experienced attorney with an established legal team. At Creed & Creed Law, we cover all areas of practice in personal injury claims. We have worked in the Louisiana Delta for more than 25 years and plan to continue for another 25 more.

Personal injury claims fall under a wide umbrella. We have experience winning and getting compensation for our clients in all areas of practice. Below are some of the many examples.

We represent individuals who have sustained personal injuries as a result of the following circumstances:

Automobile Accidents

Whether you are in New Orleans, Alexandria, Monroe, or Shreveport, automobile accidents happen all the time. With injuries suffered from a car accident, you need an attorney familiar with Louisiana traffic laws along with the local authority. Automobile accident claims comprise a significant portion of the Creed & Creed Law caseload and are one of our main focuses.

Motorcycle Accidents

While motorcycles provide good fuel economy and are easier to park than a car, they can also be the source of significant injury in an accident with a four-wheel vehicle. That accident victim needs the experience of a knowledgeable accident law firm such as Creed & Creed.

18-Wheeler Semi Accidents

New Orleans is home to a major port for the U.S. and a key hub to the country's transportation of goods. Along with an abundance of trucks come more 18-wheeler accidents. Our team has the experience necessary to navigate the complexity of trucking accident claims.

Wrongful Death

If you have lost a loved one through the negligence or fault of another, you deserve compensation to aid in the unseemly financial burden and stress you have had to endure. Let Creed & Creed help you get that compensation.

Offshore/Maritime Accidents

There are more than 4,000 offshore drilling rigs off the Louisiana coast, along with cargo ships, commercial fishing boats, and cruise ships in its waters. If you or a loved one have suffered an offshore or maritime accident, we have the experience to take on your case and take it to court when necessary.

Jones Act Cases

Enacted in 1920, the Jones Act protects seafarers who may have suffered an injury while on the job. To employ the Jones Act, one must prove company or coworker negligence. Our attorneys are well-versed in all nuisances of the Jones Act.

Brown Water/River Accidents

Those who live here are familiar with the Delta region's waterways know that river accidents happen. Look to Creed & Creed's experience to help you file a claim in you suffered injury from a brown water accident.

Social Security Disability Claims

If you have suffered a work-related accident and are seeking social security disability benefits, don't go it alone. Let our team help you file and prove your claim.

Recreation, Boating, and Jet Ski Accidents

Recreational boating and jet skiing come along with the abundance of the delta region's waterways and lakes. Proving a boating accident claim can be complex. You need the experience of an established injury law firm by your side.

Recreational and Sports Injuries

Whether at the professional, college, or recreational level, sports injuries occur to all types of participants. Could that injury have been avoided? Let us help you determine whether someone else may have been at fault for your sports-related injury.

Defective Products

Products we depend upon, such as cars, baby and children's products, and even food, can be defective in design, manufacturing, or warning labels. To fight a big corporation, you need a lawyer with the grit and determination to go all the way. Look no further than Creed & Creed.

Injuries Caused by Dangerous Premises

Any property can become dangerous through negligence. Slips and falls and other injury accidents can occur anywhere due to the owner's or manager's neglect of upkeep. A qualified personal attorney can help you prove fault and get you the compensation you deserve.

Nursing Home Abuse

Abuse is not always intentional. Protecting your elders from nursing home neglect and abuse can be difficult in many ways. You need a caring, experienced lawyer to aid you through a nursing home abuse legal case.

Railroad Accidents (FELA)

With freight lines and Amtrak traveling throughout the state, railroad accidents happen, including those with other vehicles at railway crossings. If you or a loved one has been involved in a railroad accident, we are available for a consultation to determine if you have a valid legal claim.

Medical Malpractice

Our experience in medical malpractice has included prescription mistakes, surgical errors, and misdiagnoses. Our team can help you with your medical malpractice claim.

Aviation Accidents

Small plane or large plane, an aviation accident can devastate the lives of a family. Retain an experienced law firm to be on your side.

Toxic Tort Cases

Toxic tort cases can be long and drawn out. For example, many asbestos lawsuits have been going on for decades. Don't rely on a TV lawyer. Get personal attention through a private firm accustomed to handling such cases.

Industrial Accidents

Most industrial accidents happen while at work, but not all. Falls, fires, and severe injury to limbs are examples of industrial accident injuries. Creed & Creed has much experience fighting for those who have suffered such terrifying injuries.

Electrical Shock

Electrical shock injuries are often a result of negligence. Whether such an injury occurred in the workplace, a store, or even a government location, those responsible must be held accountable.

Spinal Cord and Brain Injuries

Suffering a spinal cord or brain injury has lifelong consequences. We can help you fight for the compensation you deserve for your or a loved ones' injuries.


Suffering from second- or third-degree burns is not only excruciating but can take a long time to heal. If you have suffered burns from chemicals or a fire, you may be able to receive compensation from those responsible. Let us look at your case.


Suffering an amputation means a long road to recovery with the prospect of a prosthesis to accommodate. Those responsible need to take economic responsibility for your medical bills as well as the pain and suffering you are enduring.

Workers' Compensation Claims

Workers' compensation claims are complicated and require a lot of paperwork. Creed & Creed is accustomed to the details it takes to work through such a claim and help you.

Who to Call for Your Personal Injury Case in Louisiana?

A husband-and-wife team, Christian and Catherine Creed, focuses on all practice areas within the personal injury law realm. We have offices in New Orleans, Alexandria, and Monroe and have been helping clients just like you since 1995. Christian's prior work as a private investigator in the insurance business gives our team a superior edge when it comes to negotiating with insurance companies and defense attorneys.

When you contact Creed & Creed Law, you won't get the runaround. Christian and Catherine are there for you when you need them the most. If you have suffered a personal injury that falls within all areas of our practice, please call us, drop us an email, or stop in one of our Louisiana offices to discuss your needs. We are your local attorneys.