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In Louisiana, the law requires employers to pay death benefits, medical care costs, vocational rehabilitation fees, or indemnity wages to workers who get physically or mentally injured while on official duty or working in the course and scope of their job.

Though lawful, getting compensation benefits is often problematic. Some employers reject responsibility, and insurance companies many times undercompensate the injured employee. Worst of all, victims find it hard to push for compensation while undergoing treatment.

That's where Creed & Creed, the home of respected Monroe Workers' Compensation attorneys, comes in. We work hard to get the maximum compensation you deserve without facing unnecessary frustrations.


How Workers' Compensation Law Works in Monroe

According to Louisiana's workers' compensation law, employers must have a dedicated insurance cover to cover workers' compensation costs. The insurance scheme covers seasonal, full-time, or part-time employees from the first day they report to work.

In the event of an injury, the employer reports to the insurer to facilitate compensation — intentional failure to report leads to a penalty. Afterward, the insurance provider looks into the case and makes worker's compensation payments accordingly.

Depending on your legal support and the complexity of your issue, the compensation process can take several months.


How do Monroe Workers' Compensation Lawyer Help

Our lawyers have handled several cases regarding workers' compensation in the Monroe area and Northeast Louisiana. As such, we understand what is required to help you get reasonable compensation with little frustration. Here is what our team does after hiring us:


We Determine Your Eligibility

Since not every worker is entitled to workers' compensation, our attorneys review your case to check if you are eligible for the benefits. If you are not, the attorneys advise on the best way forward.

We Help you Meet Compensation Requirements

After determining your eligibility, our attorneys secure the proof required to file a successful claim. The lawyer gets the necessary documents to show that an injury is work-related and a medical report to show the extent of the injury.

We Push for the Benefits you Deserve

Besides the documentation, our lawyers help determine the type of compensation you deserve. You could qualify for medical care, vocational rehabilitation, indemnity wage, or death benefits. Furthermore, our Monroe Workers' compensation attorneys will help determine the maximum reasonable amount you deserve.

We Handle Compensation Challenges

Seeking workers' compensation attracts many challenges — the insurance company can deny your claim, or the employer can refute that your injuries are not work-related. The insurance provider might also offer an unreasonably low settlement.

In such circumstances, our attorneys offer the legal support required to overcome the challenges and receive the most reasonable compensation. With our 25 years of experience, we know what is needed to get the maximum compensation.

We File for Extra Compensation

Workers' compensation is not the only benefit you qualify for during an injury — you can get other benefits like social security disability benefits. Our attorneys will also help identify and assist you in applying for the extra benefits to which you may be entitled.


Why Hire Creed & Creed Law

While there are several law firms you could hire in Monroe, Creed & Creed stands out because:

We are Local

Our family-owned law firm, Creed & Creed, has served the Delta region for over 25 years. We understand Louisiana's compensation law and the processes required to help clients get maximum compensation within the shortest time possible.

We Handle Each Case as Ours

Once hired, our attorneys take the burden off your shoulders. We determine your eligibility for compensation, gather everything needed to facilitate settlement, and help fight for maximum benefits. We take our work seriously.

You Get Support from an Attorney

Giving direct service is part of the Creed's involvement in the community, maintaining a professional presence, and a way of differentiating himself from lawyers who interact with clients through assistants.

We are Awarded and Trusted

Creed & Creed has several awards, including America's top 100 law firms, Best of the Delta, Best of the Best attorneys, Best Attorney of America, and the American Academy of Trial Attorneys.

Thanks to a dedicated team that provides top-notch legal help on matters of social security disability claims and personal injury issues like offshore accidents, car wrecks, big rig accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, and river accidents.


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Seeking workers' compensation can be daunting without proper legal support. Your employer or insurance firm can reject your claim, undercompensate, or subject you to unnecessary long application processes.

However, with our Compensation attorneys, getting your benefits should never stress you. Our attorneys diligently work together to help you get maximum compensation as you focus on recovering.

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